Welcome to Applied Science Department

Department of Applied Science & Humanities is one of the Inter-Disciplinary departments of the Institute. It imparts excellent quality education in the area of Applied Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry) , Communication skills and Professional communication for the future technocrats of all streams.
The department of Applied Science aims to provide a strong foundation in the fundamental sciences. Students of engineering are provided with the basic tools of analysis as well as the knowledge of the principles on which engineering is based. The department also strives to instill the scientific temper and the spirit of enquiry in students. It encourages the students to understand and therefore apply the physical laws to the development of their fields of study. The Department has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Numerical Analysis, and Communication skills. The Department of Applied sciences has a vital significance in technical institutions. It is essentially the FOUNDATION STONE on which the structure of various professional courses rests upon.

Applied science is a bridge that connects Pure & Basic Science like Physics amd Chemistry with engineering practices. Faculty and students in applied science employ fundamental physical and chemical principles to create innovative new technologies. The department of Applied Sciences in WCTM aims at making the budding technocrats well-equipped and well versed in their prospective professional careers.